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21 augusztus 2020

Bebel Gilberto is delighted to announce her new album ‘Agora’. It’s her first new album and music in 6 years. The album is produced by Thomas Bartlett, a partnership born out of many years of friendship. Bartlett has produced and collaborated with artists including Sufjan Stevans (The Grammy nominated ‘Mystery of Love’), St. Vincent, Father John Misty, David Byrne, and Martha Wainwright, amongst others. He has also performed as a session musician with The National, playing piano on all albums since 2007’s The Boxer, and as a member of The Gloaming.

World renowned and multi-Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Bebel Gilberto has been enchanting fans and critics worldwide since her solo debut release in 1986. She catapulted onto the global music scene with a track on the celebrated compilation CD, RED HOT + RIO, followed by the worldwide success of her hit breakout album Tanto Tempo in 2000. The album featured her trademark electronic bossa nova, taking over clubs around the world and positioning Bebel as one of the top-selling Brazilian artists. since the '60s. Critically-acclaimed albums to follow included Bebel Gilberto (2004), on which she refined her sound to create an acoustic lounge style that showcased her strengths as a Brazilian composer, and Momento (Six Degrees 2007), which masterfully showcased her skills at fusing all her musical styles. Bebel’s 2009 Grammy-nominated album All in One (Verve), brought to forefront more of Bebel's personality and love for organic rhythms. In 2014, Bebel Gilberto released a beautiful concert DVD called Bebel Gilberto in Rio in Brazil, featuring a superb live concert on the beaches of Rio. Returning to her trademark sultry Brazilian rhythms infused with electronic beats, Bebel followed up with the gorgeous new studio album Tudo, released in August 2015 on Sony to great media acclaim.

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Tao Bom 3:27 Vásárlás

    Tao Bom

  2. 2 Agora 3:07 Vásárlás


  3. 3 Cliche 3:29 Vásárlás


  4. 4 Bolero 4:07 Vásárlás


  5. 5 Essence 4:23 Vásárlás


  6. 6 Na Cara 3:09 Vásárlás

    Na Cara

  7. 7 Deixa 3:32 Vásárlás


  8. 8 Raio 3:19 Vásárlás


  9. 9 Yet Another Love Song 3:38 Vásárlás

    Yet Another Love Song

  10. 10 O Que Nao Foi Dito 3:39 Vásárlás

    O Que Nao Foi Dito

  11. 11 Teletransportador 3:47 Vásárlás


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